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My gauge for the Tea Leaves Cardigan turned out to be looser than usual. I’ve always been such a tight knitter it’s nice to see I’m relaxing a little! 

Switching between the 2 different needle sizes for the yolk pattern has made me realise how much I like my addi PREMIUMs. The other size needles were the KnitPicks Harmony needles and once I changed back to them for the bulk of the sweater, the wood/wool combination really started to slow me down.  So today I went out and bought my first ever pair of addi TURBOs…

Much more expensive than my other needles but SO worth it. Fast and smooth. The only thing I disagree with on the packaging is that they are NOT quiet! I think I’d have to change to wood for public knitting.

So I have a few inches done and should be a lot faster with the rest of the yolk now I have my super speedy needles!


The new multi-size version of my ‘Cardigan Rose’ pattern went on sale in online 3 months ago and I’m very happy with the response to it. So many beautiful versions already made.

Who could resist with Claire as  a model?

Cardigan Rose uses a simple top-down Raglan technique. The body is worked flat and the sleeves are finished with circular knitting. I use the ‘magic loop’ technique, but they can also be worked using 2 circulars or on DPNs if preferred.

Garter stitch rows add detail to a solid yarn and also with increases along the seam, help prevent colour pooling when used with a hand-dyed yarn.

The pattern is written for ages 12-18mths, 18-24mths, 3, 4 & 5 years.

The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry:

or can be bought as a kit at KnitPicks.

Thanks to those who have already purchased a copy!

After my last post and the associated grovelling, you’d think I’d have been back here sooner than now.

But I have had a relatively knit-free summer. Which of course is just plain WRONG, but probably has something to do with the temperatures hitting over 100 F each day.

New things to report…

1) I finished my Nan’s shawl to commemorate her 100th Birthday.

2) I published my little cardi pattern in 5 sizes.

3) I finished test-knitting a gorgeous pair of socks that my friend designed and has just published.

4) I bought myself a new fiber toy.

More on each to follow…..

So what kicked me back into blogging action? Well, a friend from Korea said she checked my blog to see what I had been doing… and it was apparently nothing!  I miss my old knitting group in Seoul and so a small group of us have decided to have a mini KAL for the Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre. It is a truly international KAL, with 2 of us likely moving to different homes, countries and continents mid-knit. One lucky lady gets to stay in Korea.

The yarn is Madelinetosh Vintage  in ‘Graphite’.  It feels soft in the hank, slightly firmer when knit to gauge and then beautifully soft when washed. I’ve just started…. more pictures to follow.

I’ve been absent for a while.

EXCUSE NUMBER 1: I moved house. 

Most of my stash, patterns and accessories are packed in boxes.

EXCUSE NUMBER 2: I moved countries.

I cannot go box diving to pick out the odd skein as said boxes are quite a considerable distance from me….. 7147 miles to be precise.

EXCUSE NUMBER 3: I plan to move countries again in 6 months.

 So all my belongings are winding their way from Korea to England, while I am having the world’s longest lay-over in the USA.

EXCUSE NUMBER 4: I have no camera.

What is a knitting blog without photies of yarn, projects, yarn, patterns, oh…… and yarn?

EXCUSE NUMBER 5: I am decorating the house I am currently staying in.

 Knitting time has been scarce.


BUT now I’ve discovered time and resources to knit, learn, teach, take photos, stash build and blog.

More to follow.

Now I’m spinning like a crazy woman.

I finished the red Corriedale Top I had from the kit. Here’s a very bad photo of the 2-ply.

I was nervous about setting the yarn in place, but decided to trust Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (Spinning in the Old Way) that my yarn wouldn’t self combust with gentle simmering.

Dare I?


Waiting for the yarn to dry without prodding and stroking it was the hardest part. But here it is. My very first full skein – all 140 yards of it.

Oooooh! Something shiny…..

I have a new toy.

Louet Drop Spindle

Well, maybe not quite so new. It arrived mid August last year but I’ve been a scaredy cat.

Scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Scared that I had more important things to do. Scared that I’d get addicted. Actaully, scared that I’d be ‘lost’ to it, in a brand new fiber world with an ever expanding collection of raw sheep fleece, roving, hand-dyed bats. Because that’s the cycle…. new hobby = new everexpanding stash.

But of course THIS doesn’t count as stash, because I’m using it.


And now I’m lost down the rabbit hole.

I am in love with the Cedar Leaf Shawlette pattern by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.

I made it as a surprise for my Mum’s Birthday in the original Hand Maiden Lady Godiva yarn that Alana designed the pattern in. The Cedar colourway is gorgeous and the yarn extrememly soft. It is simply knit, using Stockinette stitch and short rows. The leaves are added on at the end.


The only problem I had is that the yarn started to wear during knitting. Maybe I handle my fabric a little too much due to the way I knit, but it was a shame to see the stockinette stitch body of the shawl had a  ‘fuzz’ to it while the freshly-knit leaves were crisp, smooth and silky at the edge.

Despite my misgivings with the yarn, it is being currently worn and enjoyed by its new owner. I’ll be knitting this pattern again, perhaps using the new Malabrigo Silk (a little less pricey) or even Knitpicks Gloss DK (even more value) to see if I can eliminate the fuzz problem.





The Loopy Ewe Sock Club yarn & pattern I posted last month has travelled well.

They flew from the US to South Korea and then I took them to Japan. The tempatation to start a new pair of socks for travelling had been too strong. The yarn is now safely back in South Korea, has been transformed into socks and is on my feet!


See? If you look REALLY closely, the socks are there!  😉

I loved working with the Fiesta Baby Boom. It did knit up thicker than ‘regular’ fingering weight but didn’t feel full sport-weight to me.

The Pattern was Wendy Johnson’s March Mosaic Socks. I love the fit of her socks (as usual), although the slipped stitches made for wonky knitting and some pretty strong trust in her that it would all turn out well in the end.

Wonderful yarn to work with, soft on the feet and I bet it they will last a long time.


Today I’m extolling the virtues of Shibuiknits Sock Yarn.

It’s a dream to knit with; smooth, non-splitty and does not ‘pill’, even after a lot of wear.  I’m currently knitting Wendy Johnson’s Diamond Gansey Pattern (above). It’s the second time I’ve used this yarn for socks. The first pair (pictured below) have been worn since August 2009 and still no sign of wear – the pattern stitches are still crisp.  I adore the colours and the pooling effects are fun.  

seaweed socks

So, until I use my absolute favourite yarn (Malabrigo Sock) to make an actual pair of socks (now there’s a novel idea!), this is my favourite sock yarn.

I managed to get a place in The Loopy Ewe 2010 sock club and this arrived just a couple of days ago, along with a scarf pattern and some shawl pins.


I had promised myself to only have one pair of socks on the needles at a time (along with a myriad of other projects)…. but I can’t wait to see how this works up and the yarn (Fiesta Baby Boom) feels so inviting…. 

temptation wins again.