My gauge for the Tea Leaves Cardigan turned out to be looser than usual. I’ve always been such a tight knitter it’s nice to see I’m relaxing a little! 

Switching between the 2 different needle sizes for the yolk pattern has made me realise how much I like my addi PREMIUMs. The other size needles were the KnitPicks Harmony needles and once I changed back to them for the bulk of the sweater, the wood/wool combination really started to slow me down.  So today I went out and bought my first ever pair of addi TURBOs…

Much more expensive than my other needles but SO worth it. Fast and smooth. The only thing I disagree with on the packaging is that they are NOT quiet! I think I’d have to change to wood for public knitting.

So I have a few inches done and should be a lot faster with the rest of the yolk now I have my super speedy needles!