I’ve been absent for a while.

EXCUSE NUMBER 1: I moved house. 

Most of my stash, patterns and accessories are packed in boxes.

EXCUSE NUMBER 2: I moved countries.

I cannot go box diving to pick out the odd skein as said boxes are quite a considerable distance from me….. 7147 miles to be precise.

EXCUSE NUMBER 3: I plan to move countries again in 6 months.

 So all my belongings are winding their way from Korea to England, while I am having the world’s longest lay-over in the USA.

EXCUSE NUMBER 4: I have no camera.

What is a knitting blog without photies of yarn, projects, yarn, patterns, oh…… and yarn?

EXCUSE NUMBER 5: I am decorating the house I am currently staying in.

 Knitting time has been scarce.


BUT now I’ve discovered time and resources to knit, learn, teach, take photos, stash build and blog.

More to follow.